My goal is to create one of a kind pieces for you that you can treasure forever.  Custom to your measurements and colors you love   I do however have some boundaries  

 When you order a custom piece, this does not mean that you choose where each color goes, that is up to me as I can not work that way and create at my best.

You can choose 2 main colors for your piece and then smaller patches and accent pieces will have to be done in colors/fabrics I have on hand.

When you order, please keep your expectations open, dyes are NEVER exact and I can not see into your head. I do the best I can with what you tell me.


Please be sure when you order that you want this and are willing to wait it out.  When you cancel because you need extra money it hurts my business.  To you it may be just clothes, but to me it’s how I survive.


If you insist on cancelling then there is a 25% cancellation fee.

If for some reason you are completely unhappy with your creation, and want it remade then you will have to go on my wait list again and pay for the extra fabric and dye. Having to remake orders over and over or re paint fabric over and over is expensive and time consuming and isn’t fair to my other customers who have to wait longer while I do yours again ❤️❤️

There are always exceptions to the rule on a case by case basis, mainly being if it’s my fault in any way.


I offer lifetime repairs only if you purchased from me and it’s a repair for something caused by my fabric, or supplies/sewing for instance, pin holes, or loose or snapped seams.

I have never put in rules before, but with the amount of customers and orders I do now I have to, or I will burn out and stop doing custom pieces  


thank you all so much for your continued support and love.

  I am so grateful for each and every one of you  

much love