~Welcome to the world of  Wildhorse Apparel~

Meet Jennifer Bierman: Wife, mother of 3 boys, 6 cats, 2 horses, one German shepard, diehard country girl and the tiny powerhouse behind this one-woman operation. Jennifer takes zero shortcuts as she lovingly hand creates each piece from start to finish in a one-at-a-time obsessive detail oriented approach unparalleled in the slow fashion world. Each piece is crafted from the softest and finest quality natural fiber eco fabrics and  has days of love poured into it, every detail a reflection of her commitment to her craft, her customers and her unique vision. Her unique "hand painted" pigmenting technique is famously sought after by her many repeat clients all over the world.

Wildhorse Apparel is sure to be a favorite in your closet!


A special thanks and so much love and gratitude to my best friend, Emilie, creator of Crossfox.  For photos used on this website, behind the scenes help, and for  always supporting me and being the person who inspired me to take my business to the next level. She is one of the true leaders of our handmade community and has been such an inspiration.